Monday, May 23, 2011


This post was sent to me from Kate (Bethlehem LOP):
This email includes some links to useful websites that I was introduced to
at the Hawker Brownlow Education Conference over the weekend. I have given
a brief description of what they're about.
A data base of electronic resources for all KLA's- use t 'resources'
list on the right hand side of the page to find your subject.
An online noticeboard.
answer questions; do maths; instantly get facts, calculators, unit
conversions, and real-time quantitative data and statistics; create plots
and visualizations; and access vast scientific, technical, chem,
medical, health, business, financial, weather, geographic, dict,
calendar, reference, and general knowledge—and much more.
This allows you to create binders to store your resources! Great for the
obsessive compulsive (myself included!) amongst us!! And it's FREE!!
A database of video lessons on a range of topics.

Happy browsing!


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