Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The green screen in action.

Hi Staff,
Here is a video students from year 11 IPT prepared using the green screen technology. The girls created a storyboard to plan the video and had to target the video towards primary school students. They created their own logo using flash and audio using garage band. The aim of the task was to develop the students skills in movie making (imovie), audio manipulation (garage band), flash animation (Adobe Flash) and to raise awareness of about climate change (environmental stewardship). The background clips were downloaded from youtube using www.catchyoutube.com and www.keepvid.com. These links are free websites that allow you to download videos from youtube so that you can keep an offline copy.

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  1. Hey Vanessa!
    The green screen looks like such a great interactive tool which can really bring role playing into the 21st century! Im glad you liked my blog! It's for uni, but i will deffinatly be continuing it into my teaching! would love for you to share it with Bethlehem staff as I am also getting great ideas from all of your blogs!
    Hopefully see you soon