Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Using the Green Screen in the classroom

I have been inspired by many projects used in other schools that involve the green screen. Both my year 10 and 11 classes have started a small imovie project using the green screen and flip camera's. The green screen is located in E4 (For BC staff). The green screen is a large green screen and a subject (e.g students) is shot in front of a green screen. Imovie then removes this color from the video clip, and fills in the empty space with the picture from another video clip, or a still picture. A good example is the weather reports shown on television. The video is created by combining a video with an animation. The video shows weatherman standing in front of a green screen while the animation displays maps and graphics. The green background of the video is replaced by the animation of the weather.
Example of student infront of green screen and then using imovie an image of the Nile River is inserted. The image can be replaced with a video also.

Once i have finished my class projects I will upload the final movies. In the mean time below is an example of a primary school using the green screen. The video describes a project focused on the ANZAC theme that integrates ICT skills with a range of classroom activities. iMovie 09, Ken Burns and green screen effects in particular.

The green screen is a great way to get the kids to present a news report, tell a story or make a documentary.

Please let me know if you would like a tutorial on how to use this technology.

Happy green screening!

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial you gave my Year 9's and I!
    We're really keen to get back to E4 and have another shot!
    Our plans for the Bell Shakespeare Theatre competition are coming along nicely..... the green screen will really add to their final productions!!!
    They can put themselves in Verona, Venice or Scotland!! Or maybe even Stratford- Upon-Avon!!